Janome DC6050 Computerised Sewing Machine, Patchwork, Dressmaking, Quilting, NEW

Janome DC6050 Computerised Sewing Machine, Patchwork, Dressmaking, Quilting, NEW

Janome DC6050 Computerised Sewing Machine, Patchwork, Dressmaking, Quilting, NEW

With the Janome DC6050s brand-new style and amazing features, it is the machine to take your sewing from good to great, and from great to fantastic! With sturdy construction and stable feeding, the brand Janome DC6050 will open up brand new worlds of fashion for you! Offering all the luxury and features you associate with computerised sewing machines, you will be amazed with the. 50 perfectly crafted stitches (including 3 outstanding buttonholes), LCD Screen with Direct Pattern Selection, Auto Thread Cutter, as well as Janomes Superior Feed System, which offers the Most Stable Feed of any machine available. This wonderful machine is perfect for anyone who is wanting to either get into the fantastic world of sewing and quilting or someone who want to continue and enhance their journey.

Furthermore, for a limited time, this amazing computerised sewing machine. Comes with a large extension table. With the Janome DC6050 you will have power, precision and convenience all at your fingertips! 7 Standard Feet Zig Zag ft (A), Buttonhole ft (R) with stabilization plate, Zip ft (E), Overlock ft (C), Satin stitch ft (F), Blind hem ft (G), 1/4 Seam ft (O). Elongation of selected stitches up to 5 times their original length. Stitch Width up to 7mm. Stitch Length up to 5mm. NEW easy set bobbin system. NEW auto bobbin winder cutter. Wide angle LED lighting for greater illumination of sewing area. Pressure Adjustment Dial 6 levels of pressure. Jam proof drop-in bobbin system. Drop feed for free motion work. What comes with my machine?

Janome equips every machine with some basic standard accessories so you can start sewing right after you take your machine out of the box! These vary from model to model so heres a list of what comes with the DC6050. Stabilizer Plate for B/hole Ft. Janome Plastic Bobbins x 4. Spool Holder (large) x 2.

Spool Holder (small) x 2. Extra Wide Table (half size).

These accessories are fitted into the carton by Janome. We recommend all packaging and labelling is kept somewhere safe as it has all the specially designed packing foam to transport your machine safely! Whats so great about these accessories?

You can get away with most projects with only one sewing foot but geez dont some of these specialty feet make jobs so much easier? All sewing machines will have a straight and a zig zag stitch, with some variations in between at the most basic level. Your most common sewing foot will be your. It has both a vertical and horizontal slot to accommodate needle movement in either direction.

Zippers feature in all areas of craft and sometimes its not as simple as sewing two pieces of fabric together. For these, there are several variations of specially designed feet. With the DC6050 you receive the common Zipper E Foot, with a clip-bar on both the left and right allowing you to get as close as possible to either side of a zipper track. Theres almost a foot for everything! The DC6050 comes with a Blind Hem Foot, with a centre guide and rivets in the underside to stitch consistently a blind hem perfect for trousers and skirts.

While some sewists use a simple zig zag stitch to finish edges and prevent them from fraying, this Overcast foot provides the forming fingers to keep fabric from gathering and a brush to prevent frayed edges from pulling up with each stitch. Just cut your edges neatly and use this foot to achieve clean finishes for your projects! Struggling to keep seams straight? This 1/4 seam foot is the most popular seam guide accessory for achieving straight even seams every time!

The guide attachment extended before the foot guides your fabric in at a consistent width. Never unpick your seams again! What about more decorative projects? You might find that a nice satin stitch along the hem may be a nice touch, or are looking to use one of the many applique stitches to attach patches, accent clothes and bags but they just dont work properly with the standard A foot For these we use a Satin Stitch or F Foot, designed to be a clear view short nosed foot for a better finish. Whats this about automatic buttonholes? This machine can do a buttonhole in one easy step. Unlike older machines that force you to pencil out the measurement and turn the dial at every corner, the automatic buttonhole R foot uses your button of choice at one end to automatically size up the perfect buttonhole and frames it up for easy sewing, all it takes is lowering the button sew lever and away you go! For difficult to sew fabrics, theres also a stabiliser provided. What if you need a bigger workspace?

Thats where the Janome extension table comes in! For smaller jobs we remove the accessory box from the front of the machine to work with cuffs and sleeves, but to make the working surface larger you can add a specially fitted table to your machine, so you can work on quilts and blankets without obstruction.

Its the next best thing to having your machine built into a desk! Now one thing we can never have too many of are the Janome Universal Plastic Bobbins. This is the little spool that you use in the bottom of your machine to help form the stitch, and you use the bobbin winder on top of your machine to wind your choice of thread so your colours match on both sides of the fabric. Most modern machines prefer the use of plastic bobbins because unless advised otherwise, metal bobbins can damage your machine. You cant sew without needles!

Janome include a small pack of mixed sharp needles to help you get started. Sharps are your standard sewing needle, and range in sizes depending on the weight of fabric you need them for.

The average sewing fabric uses a size 14 sharp needle, and its recommended that you change your needle every 6-8 sewing hours even if its not broken they can go blunt! There are many types too, so dont forget to browse other needle types for your next project. Most sewing machines will now provide horizontal spool caps or holders, so the thread winds off the spool the same way it has been wound on, in an even and consistent manner. To keep the spool from dancing around, Janome provides spool caps to affix your thread and help it unwind properly. You receive both small and large spool caps, but we recommend the small for most threads as it doesnt interfere with the path of smaller spools.

Why do you need an additional spool pin? Sometimes you might want to mix two coloured threads together, or make use of a twin or triple needle. Where are you going to put that extra spool? Janome includes an additional spool pin with the DC6050 which you insert into a small slot on the top of the machine. Simple hold all your desired threads together and draw the through the machine as normal and thread the needles via left and right.

All other standard accessories are little things to help maintain your machine, like lint brushes for cleaning out the bobbin case, and a screw key so you can. If you have any other enquires about these items, just let us know and we can help you identify them and their potential uses. We hope this helps you know what youre looking for. Youre another step closer to finding your perfect machine!

Includes 7 x Bobbins and Three Presser Feet. Why should I shop with you? We know all online stores look the same and it can be tr.

Youre joining our community of Sewists and receiving our utmost care and attention. Were not just a sewing blog or web-based dealer who never has the product pass through their hands! If you ever need any help we are only a few clicks away.

Store to our online store with great success and endeavour to provide a 5 star service through all mediums. This means you get the full experience of shopping with real people and not just a computer screen!

Help us to provide the best possible service to you. If you feel that we have not provided a 5 star service to you. Lets face it, its a small town, and most importantly. For Terms and conditions please see our website.

Most sewing machine shops are accredited in Janome repairs. If you consider yourself quite handy or are unable to make it to a repair shop then service manuals for the machines are avilable online. Elna and Janome recommend that a machine should be serviced every 1824 months. This is only because of the build up of fabric fibres (fluff) that can get trapped in the machine, which can clog up the machine and soak up the oil on the lower shaft.

The best way to extend the life of your sewing machine between services is to get a hair dryer, a vacuum cleaner or air compressor with a small nozzle and remove the fluff from the machine every 3 months, and also place a small drop of oil on the bobbin hook race and in the oiling hole located to the right of the needle plate every 610 months. For an overlocker place a small drop of oil on the loopers and in the oiling hole located to the left of the needle plate (under the side casing) every 610 months. By doing this, you can extend the time between services to around 56 years. How do you send your parcels?

Lots of our machines are stored off site to keep our store neat and tidy. While 99% of the time we have the machine in our shop ready to go, on the odd chance you order something we do not have we get the warehouse to deliver it to us. Janome is the number one sewing machine brand in Australia. Our family has been in the sewing business for over 60 years and is 100% Australian and family owned and operated. This means we are the sewing machine experts you want on your side Check out our store for more great offers and specials.

From the very beginning, we provided superior advice, and products and services at great prices to customers; this is something we still continue to do today, without compromise. Our friendly staff go out of their way to help our customers to realise their dreams. Whether we are dealing with a first-time sewer or an experienced commercial customer, our approach is always the same.

We listen, we understand and then we offer our advice. We are home and commercial sales specialists for Janome sewing machines, Janome overlockers, Elna sewing machines and Horn sewing cabinets. We also stock spare sewing machine parts and sewing machine accessories. We are based in Brisbane QLD. Our office opening hours are. Our enquiries team will then have everything they need to assist you. Remember, were here for you! Custom Content & In-house Photography designed by and is the intellectual Property of Janome Sewing centre. The item "Janome DC6050 Computerised Sewing Machine, Patchwork, Dressmaking, Quilting, NEW" is in sale since Monday, April 4, 2016. This item is in the category "Crafts\Sewing\Sewing Machines". The seller is "janomesewingcentre" and is located in Everton Park, Queensland.

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Janome DC6050 Computerised Sewing Machine, Patchwork, Dressmaking, Quilting, NEW

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