Sunbeam Compact Sewing Machine 4 Step Button Holes and 12 Stitches New Seal Box

Sunbeam Compact Sewing Machine 4 Step Button Holes and 12 Stitches New Seal Box
Sunbeam Compact Sewing Machine 4 Step Button Holes and 12 Stitches New Seal Box
Sunbeam Compact Sewing Machine 4 Step Button Holes and 12 Stitches New Seal Box
Sunbeam Compact Sewing Machine 4 Step Button Holes and 12 Stitches New Seal Box
Sunbeam Compact Sewing Machine 4 Step Button Holes and 12 Stitches New Seal Box

Sunbeam Compact Sewing Machine 4 Step Button Holes and 12 Stitches New Seal Box

Sunbeam SB-1800 Compact Sewing Machine 4 Step Button Holes and 12 Stitches. Easy Threading System with Automatic Needle Threader.

Adjustable stitch length and zigzag width allow you to customize stitches. Compact and Easy to store. The Sunbeam Sewing machine is ideal for all your sewing and hemming needs. Designed for all those little mishaps that happen, or for your small (or big) sewing projects.

It is easy to setup and use. Twelve stitches and a top drop in bobbin with a clear view plate makes this machine the perfect little tool for quick mending and hemming.

It can be run using the included foot pedal or the sewing lever on the front of the machine. The machine runs using the included power cord. Reverse sewing button Thread cutter Built-in free arm Built-in storage drawer Work space LED light and an automatic bobbin winder helps this powerhouse perform like a full size sewing machine.

Built in carry handle Tension adjuster Thread cutter groove LED lamp Easy drop in bobbin Free Arm Built in measuring tape Twelve most common stitches 4 Step Buttonhole stitch Flexible Hand wheel for precise stitching control Reverse stitching Dual speed capability Handy drawer for accessories Paddle and Adapter included. 4.0 out of 5 stars. Right out of the box great. I just got this today. I used a piece of furniture material to try it out. It was already threaded, the stitches were tight. I did not have to adjust the tension. I tried different stitches and had no problem going from one to another. The switch on the side has a slow, stop, and faster setting.

I read some reviews had a problem with a too fast start up. I did not have this problem. This machine is light and can move some if not careful.

I wanted a lightweight machine. I actually used this on my desk and it fits very nicely in a sewing basket. I gave up my heavy duty machine so this is a different experience.

I changed the thread and the bobbin. It took me about 5 minutes to do this. The stitching still came out fine. I was hoping the tension would still be OK and it was.

I re - read other reviews where one said the knob on the side (slow , off, faster) started on its own before you could start with the presser foot. This knob is to be used in place of the presser foot so when you slide it from the off position the machine will start.

I like using this option. Some one else mentioned the slowness of this machine. It is a light weight and not built for speed.

I mended a long side seam today and it worked beautifully. If you sew a lot I could see why you would like a full size machine. 5.0 out of 5 stars.

It's the perfect size. We got this for our tween daughter as her Christmas present, because she has recently gotten into sewing, but needs something that she can carry. She loves it and regularly states it's the perfect size for her.

Plus, the only stitches she has to choose from are the only ones she needs for the things she's doing anyway, so it really is perfect. This machine is small enough to fit in a small tote bag. It comes with the AC/DC cord a small plastic pedal that you plug in.

It also came ready with thread in the machine. I read the easy to read instructions about 4 times, finally I went online and you-tubed a video on first time sewing on a machine. Yesterday was my first day sewing.

I sewing a piece of fabric I had laying around and I hemmed three pairs of black slacks. My thoughts on this machine is that its great for a first machine and very portable.

I can sew thin fabrics but I think I will have a difficult time sewing thicker fabrics such as jeans. It has been several several years since I have sewed and I decided I needed to start again cause I wanted another hobby and I the windows in our new place are odd lengths so I needed to fix some curtains. Easy to use, easy to setup, and a great size. Sunbeam Compact Sewing Machine - Small Job Marvel.

Success requires using the right tool for the job and this sewing machine is perfect for small quick repairs. I have a full-size sewing machine but since I do not have a room devoted to the task, it is buried in the back of a closet. Digging it out takes time and given its heavy weight is clumsy to maneuver. This compact sewing machine is light to lift and small enough to keep handy.

Mine is now in a laundry closet - an area too small to house a full-size machine, but perfect for this one. The first test was repairing the sewn hem of a fitted sheet that had unraveled -- a problem I noticed as I removed it from the dryer. Two months after setting it aside to repair it remained untouched - typical procrastination given the inconvenience of taking out the full-size sewing machine. So, this compact machine is designed specifically for small tasks like this one, and it performed the job well. The machine arrives pre-threaded so it is ready to go - just attach the AC power adapter and the foot pedal.

It is important to read the user manual, particularly if unfamiliar with sewing machines. However, if experienced using sewing machines, this one is more similar than different to the larger models from threading to bobbin creation and it takes little time to become comfortable with its operation.

If not experienced with sewing machines, take time to become familiar with the workings of the equipment. Slowly try out the stitches on test fabric to find the right tension, speed, etc. This step is an essential one if expecting a successful outcome and over-all satisfaction. I frequently use power tools, drills, saws, etc. And they are stone cold simple in comparison to a sewing machine, so if a novice, be patient, read the manual, learn the machine and practice.

This was an amazing deal! Works great for the compact size-- it is a mini-machine.

It was ready to go right out of the box. It is not a full-sized, heavy machine so stitches slowly and rumbles, but it does the job.

It came with the sewing kit with assorted threads and lots of full bobbins- a useful add on. I did not know what to expect for the price but was pleasantly surprised. I sewed 6 panels of drop cloth curtains with ease (intermittent use, not all at once). I made two panels of cafe curtains with a tighter weave cotton with no problem aside from the stock needle bending on thick seam (will upgrade needle). The instruction manual is clear, but the photos are very light and difficult to see clearly.

Winding the bobbin was a bit tricky, as I did not read the manual carefully first time around, but after a review, got the bobbin done easily. The price was right for what I needed. It is what it says, a compact in all aspects from power cord to foot pedal (tiny but works). With careful and patient operation, this machine should hold up well. The item "Sunbeam Compact Sewing Machine 4 Step Button Holes and 12 Stitches New Seal Box" is in sale since Friday, July 21, 2017.

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Sunbeam Compact Sewing Machine 4 Step Button Holes and 12 Stitches New Seal Box

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